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Labor Union Management System (LUMS)
SDA developed the first version of LUMS for a benefit funds office in St. Louis, Missouri in early 1978. Since then the system has been greatly expanded and refined into a comprehensive family of applications which cover virtually all information systems requirements for a labor organization.

Today, LUMS applications are running in 50 plus labor unions and hiring halls throughout the United States. An overview of the modules installed is listed below.

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Labor Union
{short description of image} Membership Demographics
{short description of image} Health & Welfare Information
{short description of image} Dues Processing
{short description of image} Employer's Information
{short description of image} Fund Rates
{short description of image} Hours Posting
{short description of image} Comprehensive Reporting
{short description of image} HIPAA Compliance

Hiring Halls
{short description of image} Daily Activity
{short description of image} Out of Work List
{short description of image} Termination List
{short description of image} Contractor's Information
{short description of image} Referral's Information
* Comprehensive Reporting


Medical Management System ( MMS )

Practice Management Tools
* Patient Billing
* Patient Medical Activity Data
* Automatic Insurance Forms & Electronic Filing
* Patient & Physician Scheduling
* Practice Activity Management Reports & Statistics
* General Accounting
* HIPAA Compliance

SDA Computer Hardware Product Partners

SDA has the ability to address any computer hardware need you might have. Whether it is a desktop or a large server, peripherals or sophisticated communications equipment, we have the experience to supply the correct solution that will handle today's need with an eye on the future.

* Business Server
* Computer Workstation(s)
* Printers and other Peripherals
* Internet Access/ Web Site Development
* Internet Security - Firewall Products
* Wide and Local Area Network Connectivity
* Network Design
* Premise Wiring
* Product Installation
* User Training

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